Support Programs

Komatsu CARE & Extended CARE

Komatsu Care is an exclusive service program featuring complimentary maintenance for the first 3 years/2000 hours when you purchase a new, qualifying Komatsu product.

Our New Genuine Care program is an extension of our complimentary Komatsu CARE program for Tier 4 machines. Customers can purchase a Genuine Care program from their Komatsu dealer to pick up where the complimentary maintenance leaves off. As long as that Genuine Care program remains in place, we reward the Komatsu machine owner with the component assurance and core guarantee; both of which are fully transferable when it’s time to trade in or sell the machine. Komatsu distributors use Komtrax to monitor the machine and proactively schedule and perform maintenance at times that work best for the Komatsu machine owner. Factory-trained technicians perform the work, and all services include oil analysis of each component and a full machine inspection. This complete service history also ensures that the machine qualifies as Komatsu CARE Certified equipment, our highest level of previously owned equipment and a serious driver of higher residual values when an owner decides to trade in or sell the machine.

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KOMTRAX is Komatsu’s telematics monitoring system. KOMTRAX or KOMTRAX Plus is standard equipment on most new Komatsu machines, with free monitoring services to the original owner, transferable under most circumstances. KOMTRAX data can help you lower your owning and operating costs by reducing fuel expenses and eliminating unproductive machine hours that drive depreciation and repair and maintenance costs.

Komtrax can be used for diagnostics should there be a problem with your machine.  The information KOMTRAX reports will vary by machine model for Komatsu Equipment. Below is a listing of information your machine may be able to provide. Contact RMS to find out the specific information your machine is capable of reporting.

  • Service Meter Reading
  • Location
  • Operation Map (Times of day the engine was on/off)
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Residual Fuel Level
  • Residual Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF) Level
  • High Water Temperature during the day’s operation
  • Dashboard Cautions
  • Maintenance Reminders/Notifications
  • Abnormality codes
  • Engine Lock
  • Out of Area Alerts
  • Movement Position Reports
  • Actual Working Hours (Engine on time less idle time)
  • Attachment Working Hours
  • Operation Hours in Each Work Mode (Economy, Power, Breaker, Lifting)
  • Digging Hours
  • Hoisting Hours
  • Travel Hours
  • Breaker Usage Hours
  • Hydraulic relief Hours
  • Eco-mode Usage Hours
  • Load Frequency (Hours spent in four different load levels determined by pump pressures or engine torque)
  • Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter Performance
  • Payload
  • Odometer readings
  • Dump Count
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Inspection Programs

Atlas Copco Drill–Rig Scan:
RigScan from Atlas Copco is an advanced audit service product that gives you a real time, non-intrusive look at your equipment’s running condition and performance from the inside. With the help of the RigScan expert, failing parts that are needed to keep your equipment up and running can be identified and corrected. RigScan gives you advanced warning so you can schedule maintenance for your equipment, reducing unexpected downtime and costly production losses. In this way the life of your components and rig will be extended and you will achieve more productive hours.

Annual Crane Inspections:
RMS performs Annual Crane Inspections. Interested? Call your local RMS branch for more details and to schedule an inspection.

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Project/Site Support Programs

RMS has supported multiple large industrial, energy, and highway heavy site projects. We can quote site contracts or block labor to support all brands of equipment.

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