Smart Construction


Komatsu has the most complete lineup of integrated, automated products available today. Since their introduction in 2013, over 1,600 iMC machines have been delivered in the field in North America and are supported by our network of Technology Solutions Experts. iMC machines use GPS/GNSS satellite signals producing unmatched productivity gains.


iMC Dozers

  • D39EX/PXi-24
  • D51EX/PXi-24
  • D61EX/PXi-24
  • D65EX/PXi-18
  • D85EX/PXi-18
  • D155AXi-8


iMC Excavators

  • PC210LCi-11
  • PC360LCi-11
  • PC390LCi-11
  • PC490LCi-11


Our Technology Solutions Experts (TSE) are here to help. TSE’s undergo extensive training and are certified by Komatsu to provide support for intelligent machine control equipment. In addition, they have access to Komatsu staff and resources to make sure they can support your needs and optimize iMC job site productivity.


Set Up Smarter – Topcon GNSS solutions are purpose built to provide productivity 24/7. Not only do their GNSS products deliver the best solutions today, but they are designed to be repeatedly reliable with your work in mind. These versatile tools help you stake out, verify, calculate and measure. Finish your projects faster with confident results. That’s the Topcon promise.


Survey Smarter – RMS offers Propeller drones and AeroPoints* for purchase as well as a drone survey service that will digitally map your job site with high resolution photogrammetry. It’s scalable for job sites of all size and scope, and competitively priced from a name you’ve come to trust. Contact your TSE for more information and pricing.

*AeroPoints – World’s first Smart Group Control Points, each with GPS


Model Smarter – Propeller helps the heavy civil and resources sector use drones to map, meausre and share accurate model information about their worksites and assets. This data enables their people to make quicker decisions, avoid mistakes, and grow profit margins by always having the right information on hand.

Civil Contracting – Estimate with confidence, report on progress, and resolve disputes quickly. See exactly when, where and how much material has been moved.

Waste Management – Calculate cell volumes and create airspace models in seconds. Get frequent, up-to-date topos without needing to send surveyors on-site.

Aggregates – Measure stockpiles and generate accurate cut-and-fill maps easily, without relying on overworked survey crews. Track put height against design.

Mining – Plan and monitor blasts, and generate orthomosaic models. Produce quick 3D terrain maps and digital elevation models. Get accurate data for reporting.

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RMS offers Smart Construction training led by our Technology Solutions Experts. This detailed eight hour Komatsu iMC and Topcon base and rover training course is tailored to your needs and covers everything from daily set up to basic operation and troubleshooting.

Training is held at your location and includes up to eight participants (Additional fees will apply for larger groups). RMS also hosts training sessions at select branch locations in the spring. Contact your TSE to learn more about the curriculum and pricing.


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